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Bro. Bill & Dot Bradley -

International Field Administrator with

Baptist Missions to Forgotten People (BMFP)

Brother Bill Bradley came to know The Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on Resurrection Sunday in 1973 while serving on active duty in the U.S. Navy, and stationed in Norfolk Virginia.

Shortly after Bill was saved, God burdened the Bradleys for those on active duty in the U.S .military--especially the unmarried new enlistee. With the permission of his pastor, Bill began an outreach program in mid 1973 to reach those stationed at the school command to which Bill was attached.

The Bradley’s opened their home to the service men and women for meals, fellowship and Bible study. The group grew and their pastor provided a bus to begin a bus ministry. They organized and conducted a weekly Bible study on the base and the bus ministry continued until Bill left the military in June of 1977, at which time the Bradleys enrolled in Bible school.

Once accepted by a mission board, the Bradleys began part time deputation early in 1979. Bill graduated in May, 1980 and immediately began full time deputation. On April 1, 1982 they assumed leadership of a Christian Servicemen’s Center in downtown Norfolk Virginia. In March, 1983, they resigned their mission board and were accepted by Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples, where they began the Haven Servicemen’s Center in their home and ministered for a number of years. They were presented with an opportunity to merge with the Beacon Servicemen’s Center, located only one block from the gate of the Naval Base, which provided a rental building for the ministry within walking distance of the base.

After several more years, the Bradleys purchased a building one half block from that location and continued to minister there until 2004 when Bill Bradley suffered severe physical difficulties. At this point, the Bradleys left the service center ministry.

Desiring to continue serving the Lord, they accepted a position representing BMFP as their International Field Representative where they continue to serve. In this position, they recruit missionary candidates, help missionaries through difficulties, encourage them to remain on the mission field, and, as time permits, work with local churches to help them strengthen their mission program.

Further, the Bradleys travel to Christian Bible colleges and schools remaining available for whatever the school may deem advantageous to training their student body. As needed, they answer student questions, teach in mission and pastoral classes, preach chapel services, hold dorm devotions, hold mission modules, and speak in mission prayer bands.

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(757) 487-9413 - Home
(757) 287-8557 - Cell

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Mailing Addresses:

Field Address:

BMFP International Field Administrator
505 Shell Road
Chesapeake, VA 23323-3226

BMFP Address:

P. O. Box 37043

Jacksonville, FL 32236

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