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Bro. Chris and Amy Yetzer & Family -

Missionaries to Italy

Brother Chris Yetzer and his wife, Amy, were both born and raised in Ohio. Chris was brought up in a faithful Catholic family, but started attending a Baptist church with a friend while in high school. When he moved to Columbus, he searched for a local church and realized a strong desire to spend time with God's people. Upon deciding the Lord wanted him to attend Hyles-Anderson College, he received an application in the mail, which asked him for his testimony of salvation...which was a problematic request for Chris.

Although he had heard great preaching and had led others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, he knew he, himself, was not born again. He was greatly convicted because of this, and the following Sunday, August 3, 2003, he repented of his sin and asked Jesus for His gift of eternal life. Not only did he meet my Savior at that time, but he also met Amy, his future wife, in Columbus.

Amy was reaised in a Christian family who always attended a Baptist church. In August 1993, at age nine, Amy was saved at one of her church's revival meetings.

Chris and Amy met at college in 2003, married in 2006, heard the mission call followed by full-time deputation and the birth of their son, William, in 2007, then made the move to Milan, Italy in 2010 to serve the Lord in that country. The Yetzer's welcomed their daughter, AnnMarie, in 2011.

Latest Prayer Letter

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- Chris 09/02
- Amy 12/21
- William 12/09/2007
- AnnMarie 09/07/2011


Wedding Anniversary:

- July 1, 2006

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