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Bro. Ray Dombeck -

Missionary with BEAMS Bibles

Bro. Ray Dombeck  is a valued member of the BEAMS Bible Ministry in supplying whole, hard-covered Bibles for missionaries around the world. He is serious about preaching, seeing souls saved, and getting Bibles into the hands of new converts around the world who have no access to a Bible.

Bro. Dombeck is also a chalk artist. The illustrated sermon leaves a lasting impact on listeners as people retain more of what they see rather than what they hear. Combining chalk art with the BEAMS ministry has provided him an excellent opportunity of getting the burden and the need for Bibles into the church.

Further, Bro. Dombeck started and pastored an independent Baptist church; has been a featured instructor at national chalk conferences from Delaware, Michigan, and Texas; preaches in mission conferences, revivals, teen camps, children crusades, foreign missionary work, and conducts special "artistic" days with his chalk art. He also has 25 years experience as a sign painter and still does baptistery murals around the country.

Since 1996, Bro. Dombeck has made many missions trips to a dozen countries, spending several months during a trip helping out missionaries. It was his personal contact with nationals and their need for Bibles that gave him a burden for the BEAMS ministry.

The primary purpose of BEAMS is to raise funds through the offerings of local Bible-believing Baptist churches for the printing and distribution of Bibles to missionaries in need.

As a full-time missionary for the BEAMS ministry, Bro. Dombeck lives by faith, receiving his support from churches that take him on with a monthly love offering. He does not receive any financial help from offerings given for Bibles. His home church is Central Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS.

The biggest desire Bro. Dombeck has is to see souls saved and to influence his generation for Christ.

Please keep Bro. Ray Dombeck in prayer as he travels for the BEAMS ministry and desires to see souls saved.

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