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Dr. Daniel Fried & Family -

Missionaries with The Hope of Israel Baptist Mission

In 1980, the Lord led Dr. K. Daniel Fried and his wife, Rebecca, to begin a ministry in Hawaii to reach the Jewish people with the good news of their Messiah, and establish solid local churches. The ministry was called the Hope of Israel and over 2,000 Jewish people were reached with more than 100 making professions of faith. 

In 1982 when Brother Fried finished his military service, the ministry relocated to California and reached over 500,000 of God’s Chosen People, resulting in many who came to know the Lord. Because of the great need of sowing the gospel among the Jewish people in the Southern States, Hope of Israel ministry relocated near Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. 

In 1997, under the leadership of Dr. Fried, Hope of Israel became a full-time mission, was renamed Hope of Israel Baptist Mission (HIBM), and has become known as the “Marines of Jewish Evangelism” because of its zeal and non-passive approach.

With God’s help, HIBM  seeks to set an example for old-fashioned soul-winning  with evangelistic fervor. It has also become a leader in publishing Bibles and Gospel literature based on the preserved word of God, while being a strong advocate for the old-time way.

Greatly anointed by God, Brother Fried’s fiery and expository preaching has challenged thousands and has helped bring a revival spirit into hundreds of churches across America. With HIBM’s help, many churches have been educated and better equipped to reach  the Jewish people with the gospel. Brother Fried has been greatly used of God to bring this burden of Jewish Evangelism and love for Israel to the awareness of tens of thousands.

Over the years a number of ambassadors have been greatly helped by Dr. Fried’s tutelage and mentoring. As a result, there have been some 600 volunteers who dedicated themselves in assisting HIBM reach her goals, and 36 ambassadors who are sent out of their local churches who associate with the mission. This combined effort has produced the distribution of over 80 million pieces of literature, and 250,000 Bibles around the world.

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