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Missionaries and the Missions-focused Organizations We Support

We're currently building informational pages for each
of the missionaries and organizations listed below, 
so please check back often for updates!
Bro. Anderson and Family - Mexico
Bro. Bob Barley and Family - Japan
Beams Bible Ministry
Bro. Ray Dombeck - BEAMS Bibles
Bro. Mark Dunlap and Family - Mozambique
Bro. Rick Fannin and Family - Philippines
Bro. Daniel Fetter and Family - Kosrae, Micronesia
Bro. Josh Florence and Family - Papua New Guinea
Bro. Daniel Fried - Hope of Israel Baptist Mission, Inc.
Dr. Philip & Mary Gagnon - Honduras, Central America

Bro. Courtney & Ester Godsoe - Philippines
Bro. Dennis Harry and Family - USA Military
Bro. Barry Hoffman and Family - Korea
Hope of Israel
Bro. Tom Jeran and Family - Jewish End-times Ministry
Bro. Brian Johnston and Family - Canada
Bro. Daniel Jones and Family - Mexico
Bro. Nathan Jones and Family -Arctic Canada
Bro. Craig Ledbetter and Family - Ireland
Bro. Mike Lemma and Family - Mexico
Bro. Johnny Leslie and Family - Croatia
Bro. Mark Lockhart and Family - Mexico
Dr. Charles & Delores Long - Rock of Ages

Massillon Baptist College
Dr. Robbie & Carol Morrison - All Points Baptist Missions
Bro. Sean Mulroney - USA - Teens of America
Bro. Roger & Myrna Napper - NE Director Rock of Ages Ministry
Bro. Kwadwo Nixson and Family - Ghana - Rock of Ages Ministry
Bro. Dan Peyton and Family - Mexico
Bro. Walter Poole and Family - Cambodia
Bro. Dan Post and Family - Ivory Coast
Bro. Micah Rastelli and Family - Bosnia-Herzegovina
Bro. Bill Rice and Family - The Bill Rice Ranch
Bro. David Rodrigues and Family - USA - Bible Publisher
Bro. Phil Salerni and Family - Hope of Israel
Bro. Doug Schwaderer and Family - Canary Islands
Bro. Charles Seikbert and Family - Uganda
Bro. Tommy & JoAnn Tillman - Thailand (Lepers)
Bro. Robert Tirado and Family - Puerto Rico
Bro. Robert Tully and Family - Brazil
Bro. Kevin Walker and Family - Round-Up Ministries
Bro. John Walz and Family - China
Bro. Dave Whitmore and Family - Brazil
Bro. Justin Williams and Family - England
Bro. Jeremy Witte and Family - London, Ontario Canada
Bro. Mike Wonser and Family - Philippines
WVGV Radio Ministry America
Locations of the Missionaries We a Glance